Building of Electric Panels

  • Load-Sharing Systems
  • Synchro-Totalizing Boards
  • MDB Main Distribution Board
  • ATS: Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC):
          o Installation of shunt Capacitors to apply Energy Saving & to improve the power factor
          o Cancellation of the kVAR cost from the electrical bill
          o Power Distribution Boards
  • Automation Control Panel:
          o PLC-PC based industrial & building automation systems
          o Touch Screen

Rehabilitation of Electric Power Systems

Energy Management

  • Cutting off electrical consumption
  • Uninterruptable power supplies UPSs & AVRs
  • Controlling, Monitoring and Management for factories and big loads

Designation of electrical networks and power systems for grids

Lightning Protection Systems

  • Direct and Indirect Protections

Renewable Energy Systems

  • Installing Wind Turbines
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Combining both Solar and Wind Energies in a single solution

Energy-Saving and Energy-Efficiency Projects

  • Installation of shunt Capacitors for Energy Saving plus improving the power factor
  • Diesel saving for generators:

     o   Transforming water into Ether gas and blowing it into the combustion chamber

     o   This gas has a unique property which is to take out all the carbon from the combustion chamber which leads to lower diesel consumption and lower pollution.

     o   The system is composed of: radiator, catalyst, and blower.