Building of Electric Panels

Load-Sharing Systems, Synchro-Totalizing Boards, MDB Main Distribution Board, ATS: Automatic Transfer Switch, Automatic Power Factor Correction (PFC)
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Rehabilitation of Electric Power Systems

Energy Management

Cutting off electrical consumption, Uninterruptable power supplies UPSs & AVRs, Controlling, Monitoring and Management for factories and big loads

Easy Installation

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Designation of electrical networks and power systems for grids

Lightning Protection Systems

Direct and Indirect Protections

Renewable Energy Systems

Installing Wind Turbines, Solar Energy Systems, Combining both Solar and Wind Energies in a single solution

Energy-Saving and Energy-Efficiency Projects

Installation of shunt Capacitors for Energy Saving plus improving the power factor Diesel saving for generators, Transforming water into Ether gas and blowing it into the combustion chamber, This gas has a unique property which is to take out all the carbon from the combustion chamber which leads to lower diesel consumption and lower pollution, The system is composed of: radiator, catalyst, and blower.