About Takom

TAKOM ENERGY is an electrical and industrial automation company. With more than ten years of experience, TAKOM ENERGY has extended its real estate and became a consultancy firm which offers electrical and green solutions, in addition to applying energy-saving projects. Recently, the company has increased its focus on investing renewable energy and attaining environmentally friendly solutions

Recognized in Lebanon as a leading company in the domain of electrical engineering, Takom Energy is the title for professional electrical services and products.

Being highly experienced in the installation of electrical networks and electrical systems, monitoring and modelling of electrical panels, and automation technology, our company offers technical consultancy and maintenance

As the world is heading to the usage of green energy, Takom Energy is in the lead. We have evidently succeeded in taking advantage of both solar and wind energies and have implemented renewable energy projects. With the continuous extensive personal and global use of electricity, saving energy is a major goal to our company. Energy-saving projects applied in companies, factories and homes are finding great results in reducing expenses.

Technical Features


Renewable Source

Low Maintenance

Easy Installation

Used in Remote Locations

Long Lasting Batteries